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About us

VIM Technology CO LTD is a member of K&S beauty appliance group in China GuangDong Province, is a professional beauty product supplier, involved in the design, production development, marketing and retailing of beauty appliances. Our goal is to provide clients with a unique and up-to-date marketing opportunity.

Our beauty products cover household hair removal appliances, facial brushes, facial beauty appliances, blackhead removal,  eye beauty pens and other beauty products. With rich experience in OEM & ODM projects, we provide clients with a one-stop solution from design & prototype, mold development to injection with our experienced engineer team, we focuses on speedy development and punctual delivery. As our clients, you will be benefit from our vast experience, which enables us to offer you efficient services, up-to-date and the most important high quality control standards. Your satisfaction and success is our pride.

Contact Us

Contact: Lankecms

Phone: +86-13590411983


Add: N.O. 3C, Xin Tian Avenue, Xin Tian Community, Fu Hai Sub-district, Bao An District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China

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