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Production Capability

Production Capability

The fast-changing market requires a strong while flexible enough Production system, to minimize customer's market risk. Installing and launching Digital Manufacturing System and Lean Production, Ace-Tec is responding to various kinds of supply requirements with high efficiency.

Precision Mold
1,20+ Mold Machines.
2,Precise Dimension control, 0.01mm tolerance.
3,High Appearance Requirement.
4,Short Mold lead time, 25 days for the trial shot.

Quality Injection
1,18+ Injection Machines, from 60T to 250T.
2,Precise Dimension control, 0.02mm tolerance.
3,Quality High Glossy Mirror-surface achievable.

Flexible and Reliable Assembly
1,15+ Digital Production Lines.
2,100+ Multi-skilled workers.
3,100% On-line Full Inspection.

Flexible Production
Using a flexible production line formed by multi-skilled workers to supply Multi items at Less volume.

Intelligent Centralized Control Center
Through the information integration and the equipment interconnection, Ace-Tec has realized the centralized management of the whole process and is able to find/correct abnormal processes in time, ensuring the quality and stability of its production chain.

Automated Guided Vehicle
The automatic distribution system of components ensures the smooth operation of the manufacturing process.

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