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R&D capabilities

Full-chain R&D Service

Rich experience in providing full-chain R&D service to top international brands.

1,Product Planning Product Planning
Define overall product framework based on customer's requirements.

2,Industrial Design Industrial Design
Develop attractive Industrial Design.

3.1,Mechanical Design Mechanical Design
Rich experience on Complicated transmission structure with precision dimension requirement, especially IPX 7 waterproof requirement.

3.2,Hardware/Software Design Hardware/Software Design
Electronic schematic design, component layout and software programming.

4,Package Design Package Design
Demonstration design, color box design, structure design, export carton design, etc.

5,Molding Molding
Strong at Precise Dimension control (0.01mm tolerance) and High Appearance Requirement.

6,Reliability Validation Reliability Validation
Various validations to make sure meet Safety & Lifetime requirement, Performance at critical circumstances, and End User's using habits.

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